About WizCard

At WizCard we believe that its time the humble and admirable Business Card was gracefully put to rest. After all, it's been doing the job of "Instant Networking" for over 300 Years.

WizCard aims to be the world's first and only "Instant Networking Platform" through which users can Discover, Exchange and Connect...Instant, Seamless, Green.

Anand a

Anand Ammundi


Anand Ammundi has spent his career in the Networking domain. Most recently at Dell, he was responsible for owning and driving the execution of Dell Networkings most successful Product portfolio of Converged Networking Switches

With an established track record of Engineering leadership at various Companies (Cisco, Amber Networks, Nokia, Juniper Networks), Anand loves building highly capable teams and leading them to deliver successful products to the market.

Products delivered under Anand’s leadership have garnered over Billion $$ in run rate. Anand holds multiple patents in the Networking Domain.

WizCard emanated out of a desire to try something different and unique while also learning Python in the process.

Frustrated with the bulging size of his wallet (and not in the “happy way”), he was struck with the idea of WizCard while introducing the World of Harry Potter to his son.

Anand r

Anand Ramani


Anand Ramani was one of the initial members of Yahoo India. Having spent the majority of his career lifetime at Yahoo, he has left his footprints on various different aspects of Yahoo IP.

In the last 15+ years @Yahoo, Anand has led teams across geographic locations spearheading various aspects of the Yahoo Product landscape. Among many different products, Search has been his primary focus in the recent years.

Before he left Yahoo to focus on WizCard Anand was leading the Yahoo Multimedia Search efforts since inception.

Specializing in end to end large scale systems Bringing Scalable Web Services related products to market is his specialty.